Era Polymers Pty Ltd is seeking a Chemical Engineering Technologist Polyisocyanurate Development.

The role would involve:

  • Develop new, and improve existing, polyisocyanurate (PIR) formulations
  • Train four (4) existing chemists in our Sydney and Melbourne laboratories, on PIR formulating technology
  • Oversee R&D work on PIR formulations, to improve the formulations we offer our customers, as well as develop new PIR foam technology
  • Create labelling and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for new formulas, that are compliant with the current GHS labelling requirements
  • Supervise the scale-up manufacture of the laboratory developed formulas, when they begin commercial sized production
  • Provide technical support to our manufacturing plant, in the case of production questions
  • Provide technical support to our building panel customers, who are processing the PIR formulas
  • Visit customers around Australia, to provide Technical Service and expertise, on correct processing procedures for the PIR chemicals used to produce building panels

As our company has laboratories in both Sydney and Melbourne, we are flexible on basing the position out of either city.

The position requires taking a leading role in the very specific field of PIR chemistry, so it is very important for any applicant to have prior knowledge about this. The position would be suited to a chemist who has worked with PIR chemistry for at least 5 years, with an in-depth knowledge of the PIR building panel application.

If you believe you are qualified and are interested, please contact us with your professional CV /resume.