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Era Polymers is a family owned independent polyurethane systems house founded in 1986 by George and Tina Papamanuel in Sydney, Australia.

Era Polymers is headquartered in Sydney, Australia as is Era Polymers’ R&D Centre which supports a team of development chemists, the NATA accredited laboratories as well as an extensive array of testing equipment.

Also located in Sydney are two world class manufacturing sites – Samos Ena and Samos Dio. At these sites, Era Polymers manufactures polyurethane systems for elastomers, foams spray systems, membranes and coatings.

Located in Melbourne, Era Polymers operates a third Australian operation – Applied Polymers.
This production site is responsible for the development of high performance insulation systems, in particular for the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Industry, as well as specialised polyurethane elastomer systems.

Era Polymers NZ Limited manufactures and distributes polyurethane elastomer and foam systems to the New Zealand market from a production site centrally located in Auckland.

Era Polymers Africa, from a state-of-the-art production facility in Johannesburg, develops and manufactures polyurethane elastomer, foam and spray systems for supply to South Africa and the African continent.

Era Polymers USA, Samos Exi, manufactures urethane prepolymers supplying the USA, Canadian, Mexican, South American and European markets.

Era Polymers’ focus on export markets has resulted in more than 82 countries being serviced and supplied by Era Polymers. Era Polymers’ manufacturing facilities ensure products into these markets are expedited decreasing response times and shortening delivery lead times, while ensuring that product quality is never compromised.

Era Polymers’ commitment to ensure that doing business with Era Polymers is always as easy as possible, legal entities have been established in Europe with Era Polymers Limited, in Malaysia with Era Polymers Sdn Bhd and in Singapore with Era Polymers Pte Ltd.



Era Polymers is certified to AS/NZS ISO9001 Quality Management System



Ensures tests undertaken are conducted to strict guidelines to make certain of consistency and repeatability



Member of PMA Polyurethane Manufacturers Association (


Era Polymers has taken, and is continuing to take, to assess and reduce risks of modern slavery within our business and our supply chain, and our plans for review and improvement.

Goddess Era

Goddess Era
(H)Era in Greek religion, wife of Zeus, Queen of the Olympian Gods and patron Goddess of the Isle of Samos. A father’s passionate love of the island prompted his son to commemorate its history in the naming of our company.


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