Industry Application
Automotive Steering wheels, dashboards, seating, roof liners, door liners, sound underlay, sun visors, jounce bumpers, air filters.
Building and Construction Wall and ceiling panel cores, spray insulation.
Footwear Outer soles, mid soles, inner soles.
Furniture Office chair cushions, domestic lounge cushions, bedding
Insulation Hot water heaters, refrigerators, truck panel bodies, pipe sections, air-con duct work.
Leisure Spa headrests, spa insulation, surfboard blanks, windsurfer cores, boat buoyancy.
Medical Nasal masks, orthopaedic supports, head rests, wheel chair armrests.
Movie Making and Props General props, decorative sets, special effects
Void Filling Buoyancy, gap filling, packaging, horticultural.