Effects of Curative Levels

All physical properties of Erapol elastomers are sensitive to curative level.

The curative level is often expressed as % Theory.

100% theory for example means the curative level used is the exact amount required to react with the prepolymer.

The table shows how Physical Properties vary with % Theory.

Physical Property Change
Hardness Remains unchanged between 85-100% theory .
Tensile Strength Maximum physical properties achieved between 90-95% theory.
Tear Strength Maximum properties at 100-105% theory. Significantly lower outside the range.
Abrasion Resistance Remains relatively unchanged between 85-105% theory. Slightly better at 100-105% theory.
Flex Life Maximum property at 100-105% theory.
Elongation Maximum at 100-105% theory.
Compression set & heat resistance Best at 85-95% theory.