January - Alf De Vincentis (Diverse Urethanes- Era Polymers International Distributor for South Africa)

January – Diverse Urethanes

Kruger National Park, South Africa
I know that it’s somewhere in Kruger National Park.

February - Liana De Francesco

February – Liana De Francesco

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
Vivid Sydney, indeed

March - Alex Papamanuel

March – Alex Papamanuel

It’s calming and tranquil isn’t it? Just like my son.

April - Nicola French

April – Nicola French

Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire, England
Quintessentially English

May - Deborah Li

May – Deborah Li

New York City, USA
Deborah and family and new in-laws and family took the trip of a lifetime.

June - Rob McLean

June – Rob McLean

Positano (Almafi Coast), Italy
Definitely my favourite. The Princess and the Laws’ have been there.

July - Rhys Waldron

July – Rhys Waldron

RAA Roulettes 2, Bathurst, Australia
Simple, simply beautiful

August - George Papamanuel

August – George Papamanuel

Venice, Italy
A magical place. A place I promise to return to on our 40th.

September - Varunita Samli

September – Varunita Samli

Hobbiton Village, New Zealand
It just oozes the Land of the Long White Cloud and Peter Jackson’s masterpieces.

October - Emilie Degoue

October – Emilie Degoue

Western Australia, Australia
I don’t know how Emilie does this year after year.

November - Dave Weir

November – Dave Weir

Russell Falls, Tasmania, Australia
Photo shopped, surely not Dave!?

December - Niki Sutisna

December – Niki Sutisna

Seattle, USA
Beautiful City and I hear that they play cricket there, too.