Eracoat 2K Rapid

Eracoat 2K Rapid is a two-component (2k), solvent free, aliphatic (polyaspartic) coating designed as an abrasion resistant, floor coating developed for applications onto floor surfaces to preserve and protect the substrate, particularly when the surface has not previously been coated and/or is subject to medium to high traffic.

Eracoat 2K Rapid is designed for application with roller or brush.
Eracoat 2K Rapid is very fast drying (40 minute working time) and in normal drying conditions (25°C & 50°C R.H) is suitable for foot traffic in 2 hours.

Eracoat 2K Rapid comes in Clear and six standard colours including; Dark Grey, Light Grey, Brown, White, Black and Beige.


Eracoat 2K Rapid is designed for applications where fast (job) turn over, and high level protection is required.

Potential surfaces to coat include a wide variety of porous substrates including concrete, masonry, slate (unpolished), terracotta tiles, pavers and vinyl.

Typical uses for Eracoat 2K Rapid include; Garage floors, Entrances, Patios, Verandas, Balconies, industrial equipment, Factory and Warehouse floors, Food processing plant floors, walls and ceilings. Base or Topcoat for flake flooring. Anti-slip solution (see Technical Data Sheet).

Eracoat 2K Rapid is suitable for EXTERNAL and INTERNAL USE.


  • Mix Ratio 1:1 (VOLUME)
  • Solvent Free – No Flammability issue, minimal environmental impact
  • Aliphatic – excellent colour and gloss retention when exposed to UV light
  • Fast cure – higher productivity
  • Optional anti-slip or flake-flooring systems available (see Technical Data Sheet)
  • 1 coat will achieve 100um dry film thickness when applied @ 10m2 per Litre



Thoroughly clean the surface to be coated, removing all contaminants including, dirt, mildew, wax, grease, resin oils. Mechanically or chemically remove any previous coatings or sealers to ensure the surface is ‘bare’ for Eracoat 2K Rapid to be applied onto. Grind back and roughen the surface to ensure a proper mechanical bond is achieved, then vacuum to remove all dust and/or particles that have been created from the grinding process.


Apply Eracoat 2K rapid with a 12mm nap mohair roller cover with optional width up to 270mm. Mix 2L batches and decant into a painters trough suited to your preferred roller width. Alternatively Eracoat 2K Rapid can be poured directly onto the substrate, ensuring each ‘pool’ can be dispersed within the short working window of 40 minutes.


Up to 7% Xylene may be added to Eracoat 2K Rapid if a higher coverage and a thinner coat is required.

(See Technical Data Sheet for more information)


Eracoat 2K Rapid may be applied at rates of 7-10m2 per Litre.


Eracoat 2K rapid requires 1 – 3 days to fully cure. Foot-traffic 2 hours from application.

Regularly wipe over the floor with an antistatic mop or sweep with a soft bristle broom. The frequency of cleaning is dependent on the level of traffic, amount of grit carried onto the floor, and activity.

To clean your floor, mix up to one cup of Methylated Spirits into a bucket of hot water, and mop the floor, regularly rinsing the mop. If the floor is particularly dirty, wash first with a non-abrasive detergent then clean with the Methylated spirits and water solution – this will prevent streaking and smear marks that sometimes remain after use of detergents and/or cleaners.


This product is best if used within 12 months from manufacture (refer to batch number), when stored in unopened containers under normal conditions of temperature and humidity.


  1. Eracoat 2K Rapid has been developed to protect and extend the longevity of the floor surface/substrate to which it has been applied, however as Era Polymers has no control over substrate preparation and Eracoat 2K Rapid installation, Era Polymers cannot guarantee the number of months/years Eracoat 2K Rapid will provide in extending the longevity of the floor/substrate.
  2. When cured Eracoat 2K Rapid provides a gloss finish which may vary subject to drying conditions, application techniques and final finished film thickness.


Eracoat 2K Rapid TDS
Eracoat 2K Rapid Chemical Resistance


See relevant Safety Data Sheet from the link below:


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