Era Polymers have teamed up with Klingstone® USA, and are manufacturing Klingstone® under licence to bring these fantastic product to Australia and The Pacific Islands.

The Klingstone® range of products are polyurethane-based liquids that cure to strong polymers permanently binding and stabilizing soils and aggregates by essentially gluing them together.

Simply there are two products in the range:

1. Klingstone® 40 – For binding sand
Klingstone®, the permanent bunker solution was first used in 1997 for golf course bunkers. It is a liquid based polyurethane system which permeates and binds soil particles in the bunker cavity to stop contamination of the sand, eliminate erosion, stabilize bunker faces and enhance the effectiveness of your drainage system and can provide a worry free bunker for 10 years!

2. Klingstone® 400 – For binding aggregates
Klingstone® Paths, single part moisture curing polyurethane is used for binding together loose stones and gravel developed to solve a problem! The aesthetics of a loose pea gravel surfacing were required, but there was a need for the pathways to be wheelchair friendly. Klingstone® permanently glues the stones together, retaining the natural look of a pea gravel surface while creating a wheelchair friendly surfacing resulting in an aesthetically pleasing, safe and functional surfacing!